Dental Insurance vs Discount Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans vs Dental Insurance

By: vnewhalljr

I need a dental plan that I don’t have to prepay at the dentist office and then wait to get reimbursed. Also a dental insurance that covers a lot!!

Also a dental insurance that is NOT a discount card.

Answered By Joe:

Good luck. I’m a former insurance agent and, unfortunately, that’s just how the system works. If you have existing problems that need care you won’t find a dental insurance company that will provide you with instant coverage. It just doesn’t make sense.

Let’s say the cost of a dental insurance plan is $50.00 per month (example), but you need have two root canals, three crowns, half a dozen fillings, deep cleaning, treatment for gingivitis, etc. What’s to keep you from paying the first month’s premium, get your dental work done and canceling the policy?

The answer is “nothing”.

Now, I’m not implying that you would do this,  but many people would and it would result in disaster for the insurance company.The best option for immediate dental care if you have pre-existing work that needs to be done is almost always a discount dental plan.

This is how a discount dental plan works

1. You find a participating provider in your area that will accept a dental discount card.

2. Then you simply join the plan by paying the low annual fee for either an individual or family dental plan.

3. Next, you make an appointment with a local participating dentist.

4. The dentist will do a complete exam, take x-rays and let you know what type of dental work, if any, you need done. You determine what you can afford to pay and then make the follow-up appointment.

5. You pay the dentist a discounted fee of 10% to 60% less than than the usual rate in full at the time of each visit for services rendered.

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