Dental Plans No Waiting Period

Dental Plans No Waiting Period – Get Your Dental Work Done With No Waiting Period!

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It seems as though we are constantly getting requests for dental plans no waiting period. This is because many people have issues that need to be taken care of right now and traditional dental insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions immediately.

Dental insurance is just like any other type of insurance that you might purchase, be it your homeowners insurance, your vehicle insurance, etc. Think about this for a moment. When you buy auto insurance the agent walks outside and visually inspects your vehicle for any prior damage. The reason for this is because the insurance company doesn’t want to have to pay for anything that was already there. Doesn’t this make complete sense? I know it’s not exactly what we wanted to hear, but the idea behind buying insurance is to make certain that we’re covered in case anything happens in the future. Well, dental insurance works the same way and that’s why it’s not a very good deal anymore.

Most dental insurance plans require a waiting period of anywhere from six to 12 months before you can be seen for any condition that you had at the time that you bought the insurance. This means that if you need bridge work done right now, get the instasmile fake teeth for a whitening process, a tooth extraction done right now, you need dentures immediately, or any other obvious dental problem, then you’ll have to pay out of pocket until the waiting period is over.

However, you can get dental plans with no waiting period. These plans are called dental discount plans. They are very affordable and you can be seen within one to three business days after joining the network. These are not dental insurance, nor do they pay 100% of your dental procedures, however, you can save anywhere between 10-60% on your dental costs by being a member of one of these plans.

It works like this. You become a plan member, receive your Dental Discount Card, make an appointment with the dentist in your area that is part of the network and receive a substantial discount at the time of your visit. However, you must pay cash or credit card in full for the procedure that you have done at the time of your visit.
The savings can be lucrative. In some cases you can save over 50% on $1200 dentures. The only requirement is that you pay the discounted fee in full at the time of your visit.

If you have teeth that are bothering you now I highly recommend that you look into these dental discount plans. This is how you can get dental plans and no waiting period.

Do Dental Discount Plans Really Save You Money or is Dental

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